1. What does it mean when you say EM is a marketplace for artisans?

EM is a platform for the artisans and community that has genuine handcrafted products to sell but no platform. They don’t know the nuances of online selling and don’t have the funds and knowledge of same. What they demand as a price they get as long as they are selling good quality products.


  1. What are the charges for showcasing products on EM either through direct credit in their bank account or through Google Pay or Paytm?

We do not charge anything the entire amount which is asked by the seller is given to them.


  1. Do you have any hidden cost?

No, we don’t have any charges and hidden cost. Any artisan who has genuine handmade good quality product to sell can avail our platform. All GST and legal charges are handled and borne by EM team.


  1. Who ships the products?

The product will be either shipped by the artisan if they can manage or us at EM post quality check.


  1. Who is liable for a defect product?

EM is liable for all quality defects. We will replace or refund as per our policies.


  1. Who take care of legal and taxation charges?

EM takes care of all above formalities free of charge.  we are currently funding the same from our internal funds.


  1. Who all can showcase their products on EM?

Anyone who has made a genuine good quality product and does not have a platform to showcase.